About Us

Tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus filed for a union election to join SEIU Local 284 on January 20, 2016.

We are organizing with Minnesota Academics United, an affiliate of SEIU Local 284, because we want faculty and students to have a stronger voice in shaping our University’s direction and priorities, our working conditions, and the future of higher education

With a faculty union, we can not only negotiate our salaries and benefits, but also restore a strong faculty voice in University governance and give us more power to oppose the erosion of research funding, community connections, teaching resources, and tenure lines.

For the increasing percentage of faculty who are part-time and non-tenure-track, that means fighting for decent pay, job security, and access to basic support for research and scholarship.

For all of us, it also means the ability to better participate in wider efforts to defend the values of higher education and the land grant tradition for the good of our profession, our community, and our students.

Our faculty union organizing committee has the following leadership Committees and Caucuses:

  • A Faculty of Color Caucus to create community and act on the racial justice principles of a union.
  • A Contingent Faculty Caucus to advocate for the interests of non-tenure-track faculty as a significant numerical minority of the full faculty
  • A Science Caucus to advocate for the specific needs and interests of faculty in the sciences, including increased research funding at the state and national levels, and policy changes that would benefit scientific University research.
  • The Future Form of the Union Committee is a workgroup to research bylaws and interview faculty union leaders at other highly regarded research universities to document best practices at other faculty unions.
  • A committee to research and work on Family-Friendly Benefits and Policies for ALL University employees
  • A Communications Committee to disseminate accurate information regarding our union election, the organizing process, and what a faculty union would or would not mean.
  • A Steering Committee to direct the staff and resources of our organizing effort.