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April 14, 2017

March for Science Minnesota

Please join fellow students, post-docs, and faculty from the University of Minnesota as we march in support of public support for open and critical inquiry in the sciences.
February 23, 2017

Reclaim Higher ED

March 1st workers and students from across the University of Minnesota are coming together to speak out for affordable education for all! Join us to share concerns about the U’s current budget, including a 2.5% in in-state tuition hike, ever-increasing student fees and sustained cuts to the Regents Scholarship. There to hear our voices: Sen. Bobby Joe Champion, Sen. Scott Dibble, Rep. Peggy Flanagan, Sen. Jason Isaacson, Rep. Jennifer Shultz, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Sen. Patricia Torres Ray and more.
November 18, 2016

Who should count as University faculty?

The petition for a faculty union election has prompted an important debate about who is faculty and what it means to be faculty at the U of M. The university’s central administration and, now, a group of tenured faculty have argued for an exclusive and narrow definition that either bars many contingent faculty or removes all contingent faculty from our legally defined “instructional” unit.
September 22, 2016

SEIU Local 284 Stands in Solidarity with Standing Rock

WHEREAS, the labor movement is founded in the powerful understanding that solidarity with all peoples who struggle for respect, dignity, civic courage, and social justice enhances all lives and sustains the environment we all share, and WHEREAS, we recognize that there is no economic justice without racial justice, and that […]