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Post-Doctorate Associates, Research Fellows, Academic Advisors, and many other classifications in the “Professional & Administrative” group at the University of Minnesota play a critical role in fulfilling the instructional and research mission of the University. While Instructional Faculty move forward to form a union at the Twin Cities campus, P&A academic professionals are also working to break down barriers that keep us isolated based on our job titles so that we can build power at the U.

If you have any questions or want to get involved, contact Geoff Rojas at geoff.rojas@gmail.com.

To join our effort, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and an organizer will follow up with you.


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P&A Union Supporters:

Geoffrey Rojas, Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

“Postdoctoral study is becoming an increasingly long and increasingly unstable necessity to create a career in the scientific community. We put our families on hold year-by-year while we get nothing in return outside of unsteady employment and a substandard paycheck competitive with graduate students. We drive research here, and we should be treated like the necessity we are. Other universities have provided job security, family aid, immigration support, career development, equal benefits for fellows, and professional contract negotiations. Ours hasn’t. It’s time it did, and the only successfully demonstrated way to do this is by forming a union.”

Joel Lewis, Post-Doc, School of Mathematics

“I believe all workers at the U deserve fair treatment, decent working conditions, and a living wage. For those of us who research, that means a reasonable path for career development and advancement; for those of us who teach, it means job security, so that we can improve a course without worrying about being hired again next year. Seventy years ago, Albert Einstein wrote, ‘[I]ntellectual workers should unite, not only in their own interest but also and no less importantly in the interest of society as a whole.’ That is no less true today.  That’s why U of M Academics United are joining together to fight for a strong, democratic university.”

Ian Ringgenberg, Academic Advisor

“The Job Family Study process that we experienced demonstrates why P&A academic professionals working at the University, in addition to the instructional faculty, are seeking to form a union. With a union, we would have had a seat at the table and an opportunity to advocate for our interests in the decisions affecting our working conditions. I believe everyone at the University deserves to love their job and I think a union is our best chance to have a voice in how we do our jobs, teach our classes, and serve the State of Minnesota.”