Reclaim Higher ED

Reclaim Higher ED

Augsburg campus
STAR TRIBUNE: Adjunct faculty at Augsburg approve union
November 24, 2016
March for Science Minnesota
April 14, 2017

March 1st workers and students from across the University of Minnesota are coming together to speak out for affordable education for all!

Join us to share concerns about the U’s current budget, including a 2.5% in in-state tuition hike, ever-increasing student fees and sustained cuts to the Regents Scholarship.

There to hear our voices: Sen. Bobby Joe Champion, Sen. Scott Dibble, Rep. Peggy Flanagan, Sen. Jason Isaacson, Rep. Jennifer Shultz, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Sen. Patricia Torres Ray and more.

Wednesday March 1st 4:30-6:00pm

Coffman Memorial Union Room. 325