Science Faculty

Union Supporters in the Sciences:

Jerry Cohen, Gordon and Margaret Bailey Professor and Distinguished Graduate Teaching Professor, Department of Horticultural Science

“A strong faculty voice can balance other strong voices and thus assure a balance in favor of academic excellence.  A wise and dedicated university administration has little to ‘fear’ and much to gain in a strengthened faculty involvement in the development of the institution.”

Paul Garrett, Professor, Mathematics

“I support a faculty union to have a stronger voice to protect funding for the core educational mission of the university.”
Mindy Kurzer, Professor, Food Science & Nutrition and Director, Healthy Food, Healthy Lives Institute

“I believe that a united faculty voice could tell a compelling story regarding the importance of our teaching and research to the people of Minnesota. A united voice could speak to the passion and dedication that fuel our hard work. It appears that the University Administration has not been successful at illustrating these things to Minnesotans thus far–it is time that we come together in order to make this case more effectively.”

Moin Syed, Assistant Professor, Psychology

“I believe that forming a faculty union would contribute to equity, transparency, and accountability at the U. A union will become increasingly necessary as the current budget trends continue, to protect working conditions as well as academic freedom.”



Read Our Report: The State of Research Funding and Support at the University of Minnesota

On Thursday, November 12, 2015, research faculty released this report on the state of research funding and support at the University of Minnesota. It includes the findings of a survey conducted over the summer and completed by over 300 faculty, post-doctorate associates, research assistants, and other academic researchers at the University.

Sign Our Letter In Support of Research Funding: A Call for Improved Federal Research Funding


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